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North Area 9

Joguji Temple Sites

Oshino 2
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Structural Sites
Joguji Temple Sites
North Area 9
Oshino 2

Joguji Temple belongs to the Otani Sect of Shin Buddhism. According to historical records, the Buddhist priest Yuisho built a temple in Oshino around 1360. This is considered to be the origin of Joguji Temple.
It has been passed down that when Yuisho was sleeping at an inn in Oshino Village, young Prince Shotoku appeared at his bedside and prayed for the restoration of a temple. In the morning of the following day, Yuisho found an abandoned temple and a statue of Prince Shotoku. He obeyed the message from the Prince Shotoku, built a temple and named it Taishido Joguji.
The location of a monument to the foundation of Zuisenji Temple in Youkaichi, Kanazawa City is thought to be the origin of Joguji Temple. According to the historical records stored at Zuisenji Temple, when Zuisenji was founded in Oshino Village in 1504, it was named Joguji Temple. When it was moved to Kanazawa, the chief priest changed and the temple was renamed Zuisenji Temple.