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Oshino 1,2
North Area 10
Oshino 1,2

The name Oshikoshi is first seen in Shoho Gocho, a book of village yields recorded by the Kaga Domain in the mid-17th century. According to Goto Clan documents, katauri (a type of melon) and eggplant were the major products of the region.
Hakusan Shrine in Oshikoshi 1-chome was thought to have been built in the early 8th century.
Long ago, it is said, there was a man named Yoshibe in the village. Yoshibe had a recurring dream three nights in a row in which a stone statue of the god from Mt. Hakusan being swept along by a river was calling for help. Yoshibe decided to go to the river and finally found something golden shining on the riverbed. He pulled it from the river, and found that it was a golden statue wrapped in gorgeous clothes. When he brought it home and placed on the floor, the statue turned into a stone. When people in the village heard this story, they thought the stone must be the god of Mt. Hakusan. They built a shrine and named it for Mt. Hakusan. The stone is thought to be the origin of the shrine.