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South Area 9

Former Site of Tomioku Elementary School

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Structural Sites
Former Site of Tomioku Elementary School
South Area 9

Tomioku Elementary School opened in 1902. In 1910, a higher elementary school was added. After the Pacific War, it was separated into Tomioku Elementary School and Junior High School in accordance with the Basic Act on Education. Along with the merger of Nonoichi Town and Tomioku Village in 1955, both elementary and junior high schools were integrated with those in Nonoichi Town. Currently, the former site of Tomioku Elementary School serves as the location of the Ishikawa Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station. A stone monument that shows the history and school song of Tomioku Elementary Schools stands on the site.
A traditional event Mushiokuri, a torch procession to drive away crop-eating insects, is held in late July each year. The residents in the area gather with large torches and perform on drums, which is very powerful.