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South Area 24

Kambayashi Burial Mound

Structural Sites
Kambayashi Burial Mound
South Area 24

Kambayashi burial mound was found at the west end of Kambayashi Shinjo Sites in 1991. While the grave mounds and internal structures had been destroyed, the lower masonry in the horizontal stone chamber used for burials remained.
The stone chamber is 7.9m, the passage is 3.2m, and the burial chamber is 4.7m. The internal width of the passage is 0.8m, the internal width of the burial chamber is 1m. The back side is badly damaged, possibly as a result of robbery.
Pots (used for ceremonies) closely related to the burial mound were unearthed from the tateana (pit-type) dwelling next to it. The burial mound is estimated to have been built in the early 7th century. According to the survey, pots made in the late 7th century were found to have been broken on purpose. Therefore, this burial mound is thought to have been destroyed only 50 years after it was built when large-scale development started at the beginning of the 8th century.
The person buried here is thought to have been the feudal lord of the area who promoted the development of the alluvial fan at the end of the 6th century.