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South Area 31


South Area 31

The present-day Awada area was separated into Awada Village and Shinbo Village. It is said that flooding in Awada Village forced residents to move to Shinbo Village.
Commerce in Awada Village flourished in the late 19th century because of its good location along an old highway. When it was merged into Nonoichi Town in 1955, the village changed its name to Awada.
Toyoda Hiyoshi Shrine, founded in the late 15th century, has protected the area. Some stories related to this shrine have been passed down through the generations. One of them is that long ago, a large zelkova tree at the shrine was split into two by lightning and died. However, this dead tree was thought to be a wonder drug for a fever, and valued by people for a long period of time. Another is that residents of two villages, Awada Shinbo and Yahagi, found a shining statue of a god in a river running along the border of two villages. They built a small shrine for the statue. However, this statue always faced to Awada Shinbo Village even if they moved it. Therefore, the small shrine was moved to Awada Shinbo and the statue of the god was owned by Awada Shinbo village only.