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South Area 31-1

Shishimai (Lion Dance) in Awada

Festivals & Dances
Shishimai (Lion Dance) in Awada
South Area 31-1

The lion dance in Awada was restored for the first time in 27 years by volunteers along with the remodeling of Toyoda Hiyoshi Shrine in 1977. There are many performances of swinging swords in the lion dance, including kusarigama (sickle and chain), and shakuhachi (a five-hole bamboo flute). Flute, drums and shamisen for ohayashi (orchestra with traditional Japanese instruments) are being taught to children in the area.
As in other areas of Nonoichi City, the swinging sword sections of the dance incorporate the style of Hanbe Machida School in Meiji Period (1868-1912). The lion dance is performed every other year in mid-October. After the lion dance performance at Toyoda Hiyoshi Shrine, the troop parades around the town.