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North Area 15-2

Tsukagoshi Festival

Festivals & Dances
Tsukagoshi Festival
North Area 15-2

This kyozuka (Sutra mound) is also called Tsukagoshiyama mound. There is a small shrine that houses a stone statue of Fudaishi. During the Tsukagoshiyama mound festival held each year on February 15, the door of the small shrine opens. February 15 was a holiday in the olden days, and the village headman offered an issho (1.8 liters) of sake to the mound.
According to legend, females were not allowed on Tsukagoshiyama mound. There is also another legend that tells of a person needing many dishes to serve food for an important occasion visiting Tsukagoshiyama mound and praying for them. His wish was granted with the warning that if even one of the dishes were broken, he would never again be allowed to use them.