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North Area 17-2

Okyozuka Jongara (Okyozuka dance)

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Festivals & Dances
Okyozuka Jongara (Okyozuka dance)
North Area 17-2

Okyozuka Jongara is thought to have been performed before the Meiji Period (1868-1912). It is a Bon festival dance unique to the Oshino Area. Each house had a kentai, or red sash worn when dancing. The Jongara stopped during WWII; however, it was passed down as a Bon festival dance after the war. Between 1955 and 1957 when Oshino Village was merged into Kanazawa, people stopped dancing the Jongara. In 2001, the Okyozuka Jongara Preservation Committee was established by the residents to restore the dance.
It is said that the dynamic movements of Okyozuka Jongara express the movements of farming.