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Central Area 5

Ougigaoka Gosho Sites

Structural Sites
Ougigaoka Gosho Sites
Central Area 5

The Ougigaoka Yagurada Sites date from the middle of 12th to the early 13th century. Sites of 25 homes with posts dug into the ground were found. They are thought to have been built over a short period of time.
The largest known building from the early 13th century was discovered at the Ougigaoka Hawaigoku Sites. Haji Ware, which was used in ceremonies, and grindstones from Kyoto, which were used to sharpen swords were found around this residence. This is thought to have been a residence occupied by the head of the Togashi Clan, the clan that ruled the area at that time.
Discovered at the Ougigaoka Gosho Sites was a concentration of homes with posts dug into the ground, wells, pits, and ditches from the 13th to 16th centuries.