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Central Area 12

Hokuroku Road (Hokkoku Road)

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Hokuroku Road (Hokkoku Road)
Central Area 12

Hokkoku Road was the main road running through the Hokuriku Region. It was called Hokuroku Road before and during the Edo Period (1603-1868).
Hokkoku Road ran along the present-day Hon-machi Street, facing the Kita Family Residence and Nunoichi Shrine.
Former sections of Hokkoku Road are seen in Inari, Mikkaichi, and Tokumoto as well.
In post towns, houses built to a certain width were put up one after another along with the road, suggesting that post towns were systematically developed. Nonoichi was the first post town on the road from Kanazawa Castle to Kyoto, and there was a section at which the road had a right angle turn (present-day Hon-machi 2-chome). There were many roads in post towns nationwide that had right angles. The reasons for the right angles were to prevent horses from running away if they broke loose, to prevent people from looking through the town, and to prevent access to enemies.