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Central Area 14

Former Site of the Togashi Residence

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Structural Sites
Former Site of the Togashi Residence
Central Area 14

The Togashi Clan had its base around the middle basin of the Takahashi River in present-day Nonoichi City. It is said that the Togashi Clan established the residence in Nonoichi in 1063. After the Jokyu War in 1221, the Togashi Clan became the leader of the samurai group in the Kaga Region.
In 1335, Takaie Togashi was appointed governor (shugo) of the Kaga Region. Takaie established his base in Nonoichi and was thought to have worked at the Togashi Residence.
In 1441, internal division in the Togashi Family started. During the Ikko Ikki (uprising of Ikko sect followers) in Kaga in 1488, Yasutaka Togashi, Masachika's granduncle, joined the Ikko sect side, then attacked and destroyed Masachika Togashi at Tako Castle. In the early 16th century, Yasutaka assumed the position of governor (shugo) of Kaga Region; however, the actual power was held by the followers of the Ikko Sect. In 1570, Harusada Togashi was killed by Ikko Sect followers, bringing an end to the Togashi Clan. The Togashi Residence is thought to have become obsolete following this.
In 1958, Heiji Morita measured and drew pictures of the Togashi Residence. The pictures show a part of the earthen walls surrounding the residence for protection.
Excavation in 1994 uncovered a section of the moat from which a wide variety of ceramics and mirrors were unearthed. The appearance of the residence is as yet not fully known; however, it is estimated to have been 100 or 120m2. Centering on this residence, markets in the field, or "Nonoichi" in Japanese, were formed. The markets flourished.