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Central Area 22

Former Nonoichi Area

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Former Nonoichi Area
Central Area 22

The name Nonoichi first appeared in the Sannomiya Koki, which was written in 1312 and housed at Shirayama Hime Shrine. Governor (shugo) Togashi used this area as a base to control Kaga Province. The reason is because Nonoichi was located at an important point where large roads intersected and had the potential to be a great market. However, after Masachika Togashi lost in the Ikko Ikki (uprising of Ikko sect followers) in Kaga in 1488, the base of Kaga Province shifted from Nonoichi to Kanazawa.
During the Edo Period (1603-1868), Nonoichi flourished as the first post town on Hokkoku Road from Kanazawa Castle to Kyoto. Around Koro River, which runs along Hokkoku Road, there was a wood collection area. This shows that wood flowing on the river from Mt. Hakusan was collected in Nonoichi and transported to Kanazawa. The transport business also flourished because of the industrial characteristics in the area. Rice crackers and straw sandals were local specialties at that time.
In 1889, Nonoichi officially became a village. In 1955, Tomioku Village was merged into Nonoichi, and Nonoichi Town was founded.