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Central Area 22-3

Shishimai (Lion Dance) in Hon-machi Area

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Festivals & Dances
Shishimai (Lion Dance) in Hon-machi Area
Central Area 22-3

The lion dance in the Hon-machi area is performed as part of a parade throughout the town at the autumn festival held by Nunoichi Shrine in mid-October each year. The lion dance in the Kaga region expresses a conflict between a man called Bofuri (a man who swings a stick) and a lion. In the end, the lion is attacked and the dance ends. The lion dance has some rules for the movement of the Bofuri and the lion. It was important to arrange the movements and layout of both according to the rules.
The lion dance parade in the Hon-machi area follows a predetermined route. When meeting lions from other areas during the parade, the most skilled Bofuri and the man who holds the lion's head (Atama-mochi) from each area provide great performances during the festival.