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Central Area 28

Former Site of the Koroageba

Structural Sites
Former Site of the Koroageba
Central Area 28

There was a wood collection area on Hokkoku Road along the Koro River. Lumber was transported on the river to this area, collected and stored. The storage area was called a doba. It covered an area of approximately 17,000 m2 and was surrounded by a high embankment. During the Edo Period (1603-1868), Kaga Domain prohibited the felling of pine trees. For this reason, people cut Zelkova trees on Mt. Hakusan into one-meter lengths, and transported them on the river to use for the castle town.
According to historical materials from 1781, lumber cut from the mountain was transported on the river, collected in Nonoichi, and then transported to the castle by horse. The work was the source of extra income for residents. This wood collection area was closed in 1889.