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West Area 3


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Monument to Iyomon Mimo
West Area 3

Iyomon Mimo was born in Nonoichi Village in 1815. He taught reading, writing, and arithmetic to farmers in the neighborhood, and used his money to help reclaim wasteland and copses.
Taheiji Village was very poor and petitioned the ruling domain for cash to help it build new rice fields. They failed in their bid, however, and had almost given up on the idea when Iyomon Mimo offered them money. This made it possible for the village to cultivate 7 tan, or about 7,000m2. Iyomon also offered money later so that the villagers could plant rice. The residents of Taheiji Village were grateful for his help, and built the stone monument to him in 1879.
Iyomon Mimo also received a medal from the national government in 1888. He was highly regarded as a great man with rare gifts.