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West Area 8

Former Site of the Gorobe Takatsuka Residence

Structural Sites
Former Site of the Gorobe Takatsuka Residence
West Area 8

Futsukaichi is home to a legend about a white fox and Gorobe, a vassal serving Masachika Togashi.
The legend tells of a white fox in Nonoichi. This fox often cheated people, so Masachika asked Gorobe to kill it. Gorobe received land in Futsukaichi as a reward and built a nice house. Gorobe was a devoted follower of Buddhism and finally built a cathedral on the premises. When Masachika was killed in battle, Gorobe wrote a death poem and killed himself.
Some names of places in Futsukaichi, including Gorobezuka (Gorobe Mound), are derived from this story.
However, some have pointed out that it would have been unnatural for Gorobe to be asked to kill a white fox because the white fox was a symbol of Inari God that Togashi worshipped.