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North Area 8

Oshino Tachinaka & Oshino Yakata Sites

Oshino 3
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Structural Sites
Oshino Tachinaka & Oshino Yakata Sites
North Area 8
Oshino 3

The Oshino Tachinaka and Oshino Yakata sites are located to the southeast of Tateno Elementary School.
The Oshino Tachinaka sites are from a settlement existing between the late-middle and late-late Yayoi Period (100 BC-300 AD).
Oshino Yakata was a Togashi Clan residence in the Muromachi Period (1336-1573). The owner was Ieyoshi Togashi, younger brother of Takaie Togashi, who became governor (shugo) of Kaga Province.
A recent excavation uncovered a large moat surrounding the residence, houses with posts dug into the ground, and a well. Pieces of Haji ware, earthenware, and plows were also unearthed. The discovery proves that the residence had already existed in the 14th century, which coincides with Ieyoshi Togashi's life.