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Hachiman Okami no Shingogaku

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Hachiman Okami no Shingogaku
Framed Name of Hachiman God
West Area 12-13
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The framed name of the Hachiman God was displayed at Hachiman Shrine at Kanaya Palace. On the back of the frame, there is the engraved description of being written by Nariyasu Maeda in 1870. On the box in which this frame was stored, it is written that Motoko, the six daughter of the 14th feudal lord Yoshiyasu Maeda, had given this frame.
Nariyasu Maeda wrote "Hachiman Okami" and gave it to the residents of Tokumoto Village. Everyone in the village decorated it and stored it as a family treasure. Nariyasu ordered others to make boxes to those who could not decorate them by themselves.