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Nonoichi Jonkara (Nonoichi Dance)

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Nonoichi Jonkara (Nonoichi Dance)
Central Area 22-2
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Nonoichi Jonkara is a bon festival dance handed down in the Hon-machi area from olden times. It was performed on August 14 and 15 in the past. At present, it is performed during the Nonoichi Jonkara Festival that takes place from the end of July to the beginning of August.
The Jonkara dance has been performed in a wide range of areas in Japan. In Nonoichi City, there are Okyozuka Jongara, Go Jonkara, and Tomioku Jonkara. Outside of Nonoichi City, there are Shimokashiwano Jongara and Morimoto Jonkara. However, the music, words, and dance styles were completely different from one another.
This suggests that the bon festival dance was developed uniquely in each area.