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Central Area 13

Former Site of Nojisha (Experimental Farm)

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Former Site of Nojisha (Experimental Farm)
Central Area 13
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In 1876, Hidenao Sugie established the experimental farm, "Nojisha," to promote agricultural improvement utilizing the methods used in Europe and U.S. with the thought that promoting local agriculture would lead to the prosperity of the country. It was renamed the Ishikawa District Pilot Farm (Mohan Nojo) in 1886. In the following year (1887), Sugie successfully carried out revision of approximately 27,000m2 of rice fields. Afterwards, the first land consolidation in Japan was carried out in Kamiyasuhara Village (current Kanazawa City). From then, land consolidation started spreading nationwide.
The modernization of farmland in Japan started from Nonoichi.