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South Area 21

Hayashigo Hachiman Shrine

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Hayashigo Hachiman Shrine
South Area 21

Hayashigo Hachiman Shrine is thought to have been established in 1013. People in the area put great faith in it as the main shrine of Hayashi Go; and the head of the Hayashi clan and Genyu Okuwa (jito) worshipped the guardian god enshrined there. It once had an extremely large premise; and the expansive Japanese cedar forest in and around it gave the village the name, "God's Forest." In the middle of the 14th century, the shrine's guardian god was worshipped by the Togashi Clan. Sometime after this, war and fire reduced the size of the shrine's area.
In 1885, Hachiman Shrine was renamed Hayashigo Hachiman Shrine. The subordinate shrine on the premise is thought to have been moved from Kinkengu Shrine (Tsurugi Town, Hakusan City). It has two mirrors, which have inscriptions from the year 1351.
There is a large chinquapin tree dating back more than 1,000 years inside the shrine premise.