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North Area 19-2

Horses (drawn by Masachika Togashi)

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Horses (drawn by Masachika Togashi)
North Area 19-2
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Based on the writing on the top left, the painting of three horses is thought to have been done by Masachika Togashi in 1485. However, some say it was done by Yasutaka Togashi, a granduncle of Masachika Togashi. According to the book Tohaku Gasetsu, Explanations of Painting by Tohaku Hasegawa, Sesshu, a famous ink-wash painter (1420-1506) admired paintings of horses done by Masachika Togashi, and advised him to draw horses only. Following this advice, successive heads of the Togashi Family started drawing only horses and became experts. The painting of horses drawn by Harusada Togashi, the last head of Togashi Family, has also been passed down to his descendants.